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In Person Medical Records Not Permitted At This Time

At this time, medical records can not be obtained in person. To request your records, please download the form below, then either email or fax the request form to one of the options below:

Download then fill out electronically
Medical Release Form


Medical Records
Obtaining Your Medical Record

Maryland Law specifies that a request for any patient medical record must be in writing and must become a part of the person's medical record. The medical records department protects the confidentiality of all patient information and will only release a patient's medical record with the proper consent. If a physician involved in your care needs a copy of your medical record, the medical records department can forward a copy to that physician with your consent. There is no fee involved and a representative of the Health Information Management department handles the copying of your record. These types of requests can generally be done within 48 hours.

Other requests for copies of records are handled on a case by case basis utilizing state and federal guidelines for the proper release of patient information. In some cases a fee is required for these copies. Currently, the fees for patients are a flat fee of $6.50, .76 cents per page copied plus the actual mailing costs.

If you need to obtain a copy of your medical record or need it sent to someone else, we will need your written authorization mailed/submitted to:

Correspondence Secretary
Health Information Management Department
CalvertHealth Medical Center
100 Hospital Road
Prince Frederick, Md. 20678

Download Medical Release Form

Release Form requires Adobe Acrobat® ReaderTM

For all questions regarding correspondence call 410.535.8275 or 301.855.1012 ext.8275.

If you prefer to fax the document, the fax # is 410.414.4666.
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